Friday, December 14, 2012


Hey guys, apparently I was trying to do a blog post today over at wordpress and it crashed on me. My whole post went missing and the system couldn't open my dashboard at all so I redid an entire new blog at blogger :)

Tried using back my url but can't so I had shifted again.

Love you guys.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bye Blogger

I had moved.


Trip to Sunny Sentosa

Thank you everyone who had came down to EOY 2012.
It was really crowded this year round and I feel like I'm in a suana lol!
Everyone was hot and sweaty in the noon but the weather became a tad better later during the evening. Thank god it didn't rain on that day!!

Costume sponsored, (:
The skirt is similar to the other set that I bought except that it is pink checkered instead of blue checkered. And also it comes with a long sleeve white top + black blazer.

The bowtie is the same in design as well but different colour.

I suppose I did put on some weight ): Look how chubby I am! Life's been way too good these days hahaha.
Some updates with the catchup session with the girls at Sentosa.

I can't believe she is leaving soon! :(

Was working with her and cy for Moiselle Fashion Runway awhile back, first time working at a retail and met some really cute malaysian girls. I swear I had the shock of my life to know that they are already married and gave birth! Overall it was ok, except for the long standing hours with only a couple of customers throughout the whole day. That's pretty boring. But we spent most of our time chatting away LOL :)

+++ the dresses for the runway are so heavy, NO KIDDING. How do they actually wear them omg.

That marks the end of this post! Will treat the other pics that I have in my camera now.

June R.

Friday, November 23, 2012

EOY 2012

Hey everyone! It's been quite awhile (: 
I had been neglecting this space due to plain laziness! And now, I'm back again! 

Spent a bomb on caffeine during the mugging period for promos and I'm proud to say, I made it! 
It was rather unbelievable because I had gotten all U grades for every subject, and I was already mentally prepared that I would retain because I didn't have enough time, as well as discipline, to do quality revision notes etc. Thank you lady luck for shining on me! (: 

So I'm back with new updates! Remember EOY 2011? 

Can you spot me in the video? Hahaha! 
This year would be EOY 2012, and it will be my first debut (: 
Attire this year will be different! No more maid costume but something else! 

So do come down and support alrights? 
Hope to see more familiar faces there (: 


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Success is a ladder; not an escalator.

Left this space for quite some time as promos are coming. If you're up for more regular updates, do follow me on twitter! I'm much much much more active there :) Anyways, I'm back here with some little updates! & crossing my fingers that I can be promoted! I swear I had never studied and complete my tutorials so religiously in my entire life hahah! Guess it's something to make me a more diligent person and stop procrastinating!

Enough talking, photos! 

That's all I have! Will be back with more updates :) Luv!

Back to my work :(

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The days without you

In those days when you're no longer around me, I realized how much your presence meant to me.

I miss all your sweet morning messages that always brighten up my every single day. I miss how you ring me up just to tell me to persevere and do well in my work. I miss how you were always there when I'm down, showering me with concerns and doing everything within your means just to see me smile again. I miss how much I look forward to weekends, catching the latest movies and doing stupid things together. And you making fun of how ridiculous and absurd my tweets are sometimes, sharing your days with me and the extent of how you stalk my tweets.

Now that I'm all alone, I miss every single part of you. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second. But what if going back who I used to be made things worse once again? We will all go back who we used to be. 


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Those memories

Pics from afew months back, more coming up.
Stay tune.

Luv, J.

"I wish things could be the same again..."